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I believe that confidence is key to feeling and looking good. As a branding and marketing professional in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, I understand the importance of creating a strong brand personality. We all have our individual personalities which differentiate us. As a Style Coach™, it is my desire to help nurture confidence especially in our youths preparing for the workforce, young working professionals building their personal brands and also the disadvantaged in our community who strive to be the best they can be despite the challenges they face.

It is never too late to start. You are never too young or too old to look and feel good. I took a leap of faith in my late 40s and left a senior management position to pursue my passion in styling and personal coaching. My years of hospitality experience has shown me the importance of etiquette, grooming and deportment. It is my belief that you can create a strong personal brand that brings out your very best.

First impressions do matter. Seize every opportunity to create that lasting impression by putting your best self forward every day.

My Approach

As a Certified Style Coach™ trained by the Style Coaching Institute® I believe in a holistic approach to helping you create your personal brand and image. I understand the critical connection between how we appear on the outside and how we feel on the inside. Without an understanding of our internal self, our endeavour to create that ideal external appearance will not be sustainable. My approach is genuine and personalised. Both my group and individual sessions are customised after an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals. I do not tell my clients what they should do. Instead, I work with them to identify strategies and solutions that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. My focus is always on you. Which is why I prefer to keep my group workshops to a comfortable number of participants in order to give each of you that personal attention. Simply because we are all unique!

Style Coaching Institute®

Ten years ago, the term ‘Style Coaching™’ was nowhere to be seen. There were no ‘Style Coaches™’ to be found. Instead, there were image consultants, personal stylists, fashion consultants and personal shoppers. So what is Style Coaching™ and where did it come from? Back in 2004, a revolutionary new specialisation was taking shape. 

Gary and Tracey Redmond, founders of the Style Coaching Institute®, had a unique combination of skills. While Tracey was a professional stylist, she was also a certified practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so she offered her clients a much more holistic service than those offered by traditional image consultants. She also believed in the fundamental importance of nurturing individuals and empowering them to reach their newfound levels of confidence and self-esteem. For her, rapport and being able to align with another person’s view of the world was natural. The results she observed in her clients were astounding, so she started to explore and delve deeper into what was working and why. She did this with the help of her husband, Gary Redmond, who was an Accredited Life Coach, Therapeutic Counsellor, and NLP practitioner. Together, they researched, developed, tested and documented a formula that they branded as ‘Style Coaching™’.

In 2005, they founded the Style Coaching Institute® and began teaching people how Style Coaching™ works and how a person’s appearance can be used as a powerful starting point for much greater life changes. Graduates of the institute, known as Style Coaches™, began following the process with their clients, and the same results were observed. A new specialisation was born and started to gain the attention of those who believed that people are much more than a reflection in the mirror. A Style Coach™ may have all the technical knowledge of an image consultant, colour consultant, personal shopper and personal stylist, but they are also experts in the key skills used in the world of life coaching and NLP. 

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